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QHSE Ltd, specialises in upholding health, safety, risk and quality standards. Their nationwide reach allows for seamless adaptation and implementation of QHSE practices, ensuring superior safety and quality in diverse locations.

We prioritise the well-being of your team and the integrity of your operations. With tailored solutions and expert guidance, we ensure compliance with regulations and promote a culture of safety excellence within your organisation.

We specialise in health and safety risk management, providing tailored solutions to identify, assess, and mitigate potential hazards. With our expertise, ensure compliance with regulations and cultivate a safe working environment for your team.

We assist organisations in enhancing processes, products, and services to meet regulatory standards and exceed customer expectations. Let us elevate your organisation’s quality standards for lasting success.

As a Certified Machine Safety Expert we ensure compliance with regulations and implement measures to safeguard personnel and assets. Let us enhance the safety of your machinery and protect your workforce.

We provide meticulous testing and tagging services to AS/NZS standards, ensuring electrical appliance safety and compliance. Let us safeguard your workplace or home environment with thorough inspections and transparent reporting.

We specialise in auditing services, meticulously assessing your organisation’s processes and practices for compliance and efficiency. Let us provide thorough insights and recommendations to enhance your operations and drive success.

Health and Safety - Certified machine safety expert

Certified Machine Safety Experts

 Rob’s certification as a machine safety expert underscores our commitment to the highest safety standards. By choosing us, you ensure your machinery complies with stringent safety protocols, reducing risks and boosting efficiency. Trust Rob to safeguard your employees and foster a strong safety culture in your organisation.

PAT Testing (Test & Tag)

 QHSE Ltd provides a detailed Test and Tag service, focusing on the safety and regulatory compliance of portable electrical appliances.

Our certified professionals conduct inspections and tests to detect any hazards, ensuring each item meets safety standards.

Successfully tested equipment is tagged with verification details, helping minimize electrical risks and uphold a safe working environment in compliance with legal requirements.

Our Team

Rob Feasey

Harness the strategic leadership and safety insights of Rob Feasey to unlock your team’s full potential. His extensive experience spans across key industries such as food manufacturing, engineering, education, forestry, aviation, energy, and infrastructure, demonstrating a versatile and impactful approach to leadership.

As a Certified Professional Member of NZISM and a Chartered Member of IOSH, Rob’s credentials are a testament to his commitment to safety and management excellence.

His accolades include being a Certified Machine Safety Expert and holding certifications in injury management and enterprise risk management.

Rob’s approach integrates strategic leadership with a focus on safety and operational efficiency, driving not just compliance but cultural change.

Partner with us for change that leverages Rob’s expertise, backed by his NZISM and IOSH qualifications. Elevate your safety protocols and organisational performance, securing a future marked by success and leadership in safety.

Health and Safety - Membership of RiskNZ
Health and Safety - Certified machine safety expert
Health and Safety - Hasanz registered

QHSE Ltd offers unparalleled expertise in health, safety, risk and quality management, ensuring your operations meet rigorous standards. We tailor our approach to your unique needs, enhancing safety, compliance, and operational efficiency. Contact us for a consultation to elevate your QHSE practices and drive success.


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