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We are thrilled to introduce a fantastic, FREE resource that will revolutionise your health and safety meetings and promote a culture of vigilance in your workplace. QHSE Ltd is delighted to present our brand-new “Spot the Hazard” picture activity for you and your team!


🎯 What is “Spot the Hazard”?

“Spot the Hazard” is an engaging and interactive visual activity designed to sharpen your team’s safety awareness. It is an excellent icebreaker for health and safety meetings, toolbox talks, or any team gathering where safety matters are discussed. Our carefully crafted image features a common workplace scenario, hiding a number of safety errors or hazards.

🔎 How to Use It?

Using “Spot the Hazard” is as easy as 1-2-3! Simply download the image from our website and print it out for your team. During your health and safety meetings, distribute the picture and let your staff take on the challenge of identifying as many safety issues as they can spot. It’s not just a fun game; it also encourages a collective effort to recognise potential hazards in real-life situations.

🏆 Make it Even More Exciting!

To ignite the competitive spirit within your team, consider turning the activity into a contest! Offer a prize to the team member who successfully finds the most mistakes in the picture. Whether it’s a gift card, a trophy, or a small recognition ceremony, the incentive will boost participation and motivation to create a safer workplace for everyone.

🌟 Why Choose “Spot the Mistake”?

✅ Engaging and Interactive: Say goodbye to boring safety meetings! Our activity adds a touch of excitement and challenge to your sessions.

✅ Encourages Safety Awareness: By actively searching for mistakes in the images, your team members will develop a more critical eye for safety hazards in their day-to-day work.

✅ Team Building: Collaborate with your colleagues, share insights, and reinforce the importance of a team effort in maintaining a safe environment.

✅ Positive Workplace Culture: Creating a culture of safety involves everyone. “Spot the Hazard” fosters a proactive approach to safety, making it a part of your team’s DNA.

So, what are you waiting for? Elevate your health and safety meetings with QHSE’s “Spot the Hazard” activity! Download it now and embark on a safety adventure with your team. Remember, safety is not a game, but learning about it can be both fun and rewarding.

👉 Download the resource today at and keep your workplace safer, one hazard at a time!

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